It’s not all the time someone cares for you.
Never ignore the effort of love.
Once you’ve found that special love, never let go of it.
There will never be anyone like her.
Books were written in your name.
Slowly you become a piece of me.

Find me in entangled sheets.
Weep for me with a love gesture.
Wipe away the tears of sadness in my heart.
Let not my fading love taunt you.
In this crazy world you are my home.
Where I can heal my wounded and tired soul.

My greatest moments
Have always been by your side.
Right after I gave up on life
You put all the pieces back where I needed them to be
Like an oasis for my deserted, weary spirit.

In another life
I promise I will find you.
Maybe I loved you in another life
Without my subconscious realizing that.
Pulling me in various ways
Until I found you to rest in my heart.
I do know that I’ve felt you more than one lifetime has allowed.
You came rushing into my life unexpectedly
Like a dream fading away, you become a reality.

You were that someone I didn’t have to translate my soul for.
You were my love language inspiration.
Bearing my burden.
You were out of my sight, but never out of my mind.
I can inscribe my feelings about you.
Even this page could never contain the beauty that is you.