I am jealous of the way
That you are happy without me.
Nothing to forgive after you left me
In my despair and anguish.
It’s hard for me to say you are happy without me.
You may say I am adorable and sweet.
I have died a thousand times waiting for you.
When I caught you in his arms.
I couldn’t hold the tears I just broke into two pieces.

When asked to picture a broken heart and draw it
I couldn’t draw it ‘cause the picture I saw and drew, it was yours.
I thought writing a millennium of poems would make you love me.
Guess I acted like a lost puppy.

When you asked what’s wrong?
I pulled up my guard.
Won’t tell you why life’s hard and lonely.
Did not want your pity or sad song in my face.

If you want to know.
I will bottle it all inside.
Wrap it up and cage it in my heart.
Just tell you I’m fine.

As I sink in the pit of darkness.
Watch you slip through my hands.
As I die here another day.
‘Cause all I do is cry behind this smile.

I am wondering who’s lying next to you.
Jealous of the raindrops that fall upon your skin
That ripple through your heart and become closer than your own shadow.
I got jealous when you gave others attention that I craved.