Decision defines destiny

Dear the scribbled paper
Sound and applicable choice
I have made
For in the world
I thought of no haters
Let freedom and peace prevail
For if people quarrel over something
Better is a man who amicably handles it
Yes my heart had departed from the triangle

My heart and my heart mate
I trusted that your affection was broad and enjoyable
Yes, it was like perfuming your days
Not knowing of tar beside it
But now back to where it inclines
The tar is purified
Enjoy with your first lover
Yes, in your heart and physically
For my heart has been burned by your Gehenna in love action
Yes, my heart has departed

Yes, it did adore you
The mine too
But what if everlasting troubles art found
In this wind like a bond of carbon dioxide
Man = girl = man
No, my heart has conscience
Yes, bye! bye!
For it has a journey to sorrow

My witches were bigger
But unknowledgeable
For they failed to spot this
That your love is pretending love
Not cemented love
That your words are deceiving words
Smearing poisonous sweet
Inside my ossicles
Oooh! My heart is miles away