Blessed is me
How shall I restrain this devotion?
Oh no, we don’t come as bigger than this
The rest of us all, considerate we are

Mother-shielding all one of us
Is a stand; a stand against open vulnerability
Hence we never hold to be a piece; not at all!
Instead, we rise to magnificent heights

Blessed is me
On ninth-cloud tears that blindfold the eyes
At whatever time we gambol, our appearances
Makes a list of various hullaballoos
Alike to means of footballers’ victorious utterances of melody
Everywhere we go…. everywhere we go. People wanna know…. people wanna know

Similar to the bellowing herds of bulls
Still in progress towards the kraal; not a lone permitted
Yesterday, one should have comprehended upon us
And carefully gaze at resolute meandering movement of a mob
Ongoing to the school; yes the school! Where we learn.

Blessed is me
For it is a thrilling obligation
We shall beforehand in the morning
Geared-up for the onset of assembly
Later than that we befriend ourselves with
What best known to be a teacher
That’s the odyssey we proceed through

Whether no one intrudes on us
No one rejects us
No one applauds us
Not a single one has been of service to us, nobody apprehended us
Neither they complimented us
We insist to be young for we are children
And a brighter tomorrow hinges on each one of us