My heart is baking a cake
Oh, dear bakery.
From the bottom of my heart
I have a transportation of sweeter sugar
My interiors are sugared,
My lungs are cheese,
My heart is the oven
That makes all the magic.

Lol, don’t laugh my love
I know I am funny,
Kodwa nje I am just complimenting
Lobuhle onabo…
Aw’kodwa cheese cake yami.
Amasosha omzimba aBusy
Phans’phezulu ahlanganisa ushukela nocheese
Ukuze wena ube owami inguna phakathi.

Every time I see you,
My heart doesn’t skip a beat
But beat skip a heart,
Angithi I’m baking a cake.

I love you ‘sthando sami.
I know you feel the same,
You are just waiting for my move.
But nevertheless let me finish baking,
So that we vow before the priest
(I, Njabulo Kend, take you, as my wedded cheese cake!)
Cheese cake yami.