The place I’m from has flowing shores embedded with the footprints of my ancestors, crafted in the golden sand.
Birthed from barefoot Javanese royals and warriors on foreign land.
The place I’m from houses a mosque on every corner
Where the call to prayer, melodiously sung, is an art
Where people are greeted with a wholesome smile
And well wishes are shared from hand to heart
The place I’m from is where our food is our pride
The mouth-watering taste of a freshly, baked bobotie
Will make your taste buds go wild.
A perfectly fried Koesister dusted with coconut, every Sunday.
Some say,
“Sometimes it’s still eaten straight into Monday.”
Where hospitality is part of faith.
The place I’m from is nestled between two worlds
Divided by the vast ocean, stuck in time.
Java and Cape town plaited together, like twine.
A child of a warrior nation
My people, my history, form a strong reputation
The place I’m from is where treasures are buried beneath the sand
Where priceless seashells are collected by hand.
Where the mountain kiss the sky and two oceans take form.
Where, with every rising dawn the Shangri-La of “Good Hope” is born.