Success lies on the end tip of our tongue,
We utter words of success
We dream of bright future
Yet learning is our biggest fear

We deny education the chance
To awaken our absent minds
and understanding
We have put a curse on books
Destroyed every piece of writing before our naked eyes

Atlas, dictionaries and prose
Our enemy
Reading and writing, we run away
Unjust thoughts to our teachers we claimed
Rejected knowledge they had to offer

And now, with our little empty minds
we die
With a dying nation, poverty applaud
Useless fights strike harder
Conflicts and killings arise
World War 2017

Jealousy whispers in the ears
of those who had put a curse on learning
With jealousy, nations divide

Our children fear books
And our nation slowly dies
With a dying nation
no jobs to fill the table for our illiterate human

People who refused to give education the chance
The chance to awaken absent minds
People who refused to awaken the inner ability centred to self-potentialities