Some people know the overwhelmingly tight grasp of poverty.

To attain financial comfort in this life, is what many dream of and only a few attain.
To work until you breathe your last breath and still be buried with the haunting sound of debt knocking on your coffin
To live for survival and not for the many joys of life.
To miss out on your child’s first smile, walk or crawl while you are a slave to the clock of employment.
To be judged by your damaged, torn and dusty shoes and not by your hustle.
To be judged by the amount of zeros in your bank account, not by the amount of mouths you have to feed.
To automatically, receive respect and praise by having a “corporate title” not by your pristine work ethic.
Not all CEO’s are ethical, you know!

To be judged by your headscarf and religion, but not by the unique visions and-life changing ideas that encompass your mind.
To be judged by the amount of diamonds on your wrist, instead of the amount of love in your heart.
To be judged by your outdated, old and tired bakkie but not on the charitable goods on the back, waiting to be delivered to feed hungry orphans.
Some people do good in secrecy, their pact is with God.


Some people are so comfortable under their own blankets of wealth,
They see the storm of poverty and just hide under the covers.