She was a goddess from her first step.
She is still a goddess after her million steps.
Her personality is like no other.
Her personality makes me feel like I am so isolated.

Her, there is no other.
She promotes the fact that everyone is unique,
But she is so much more.
She is a million in one.
There is no number that could describe how much
I appreciate her presence in my isolation.

There is no number that limits her beauty.
There is no word that can describe her beauty.
In your presence I am left speechless
In your presence I have so much to say.
In your presence I am disabled.
I am an artist in the presence of a portrayed.
I am powerless in the presence of the all mighty.

She is a woman, those are the words that could never define her.
Those words have no limitations for her.
She is all her looks.
They say don’t judge a book by its cover.
She is as beautiful as her personality.
Her eyes explain it all.
She is still a mystery,
I can’t wait to meet you for the second time and see it all.