Get a screen protector!
Her father warned.
Charge your phone I hate it when it’s dead!
And all she did was to ask for a protection order instead.
Nights escalated attempting to dampen her horizon dreams.
His protection bartered for her emancipated screams.
Even when her scars were nothing to him.
To her, a reflection of how broken she had become.
Not woman enough for periods to come, she opened up to those who knew how to batter her soul.
On & off the emotions began.
Tip toeing with footprints once again.
This time aware she needed that screen protector.
Not to reply to empty questions, nor entertain those in vain.
But to protect the broken girl, who broke her vows with a broken phone.
– Phone: the soul
– Screen protector: self-esteem, self-love, self-awareness
– Charger: ethics, morals, prayer, meditation
– His protection: love for her, his vindication for her