Yes love don’t hurt
but people are the ones who do
and I have experienced that
and there is something I will do
as a results of being a victim of hurt
by someone I really adore

I gave you my heart
and promised not to get it hurt
you said I’m your only one
and you were my one and only
but actions show that I was fooled
because I was blinded by love
tears flowed on my heart
while pain itched on my eyes

I used to forgive all your wrongs
you used to do,
but this one it’s heavy and strong
I can’t be able to hold
even the love songs
won’t take the pain out of my chest.

I didn’t notice at first
the moment you asked for a space
but you failed to look me in my face
and accentuate why you needed a space
but now I guess it is too late
because you made your choice
and cheated that lead to pregnancy

I guess you and I were never meant
to be together as we used to state on a chart
I think the best solution is to annihilate
because it’s already too late
to kiss and make up
because I have already been fed up

Love don’t hurt
but people are the ones who hurt
others in the name of love
you will be always on my heart
even though you left it empty
where do broken hearts go?
even though it is hard to hide the holes
and scars you opened

I never thought you could do such thing
I never thought you could cheat
please erase me from your list
because it’s vivid I don’t fit
please go and never come back
don’t even think to make a call back

your life without me
would be a mess and miserable I feel it
I am blessed in disguise
please don’t come back and say
‘baby I’m so sorry
and lonely without you’
love never hurts