No pain! No game.
No excuses, it’s life.
I know it hurts, you try again.
You’ve expected to conquer,
Now you’ve lost you cry no.

No surrender, never surrender.
What are you going to do now?
You’ve started it, now finish it.
You think it was going to be easy!
No, no that’s life with pain.

When it hurts that’s the beginning.
When it hurts start counting, that’s the result.
You think the journey for you it’s too big,
You haven’t seen anything.
Determination, hard works pays.
Success is what we are looking for.

No situation is permanent.
Don’t be afraid to try, try and try again.
Always put trust and commitment.
When it’s time, wow, happiness begins.

Wipe your tears and say finally.
No more tears and failure,
To be better than I was yesterday,
To prove that I can build my business, my future,
To push until it happens again to be the best,

To quit, it’s my style not my option.
Because easy come easy go.
Life is to forget negative thoughts,
Not to pretend to be something else.
Never give up, life is unpredictable.

Remember what we do in life, it goes with intent.
Not to point fingers at someone else for your failure.
Only to progress and be the best of the best,
Never give up.