I’ve been through a lot.
But those days are gone.
Don’t doubt that God will open the door.
He’s here for us all.
Big or small.
Even when others judge you as wrong,
Even as low.
God is no foe.
He will never promise and not perform.

Stand on this, and you will grow.
It’s always good to take a pause.
Always wait on The Lord.
Seek Him with all your soul.
He closes the void.
Keeps you firm on the road
Leads you straight on.
Commands the enemy to get lost.

Helps you find your way home.
Doesn’t matter how much more you have to go.
Whether the road is long or short.
Keep moving on.
It’s only a matter of time before you win the war.
It’s spiritual, never against flesh and bone.
You always reap what you sow.
That’s the law.

If you give less, don’t expect to get more.
Ultimately, God’s judgement is fair to us all.
So it’s wise to walk the talk.
Otherwise you’ll fall.

So grab every opportunity and don’t stall.
Keep your lamp on, filled with knowledge of The Lord.
Darkness creeps in when you “least know”

So be strong.
Trust your call.
Take it slow.
But don’t ever stop.
With every move you get close.
Your heart always knows where to go.
With every faithfilled step, the enemy loses hope.

Remember you are gold.
Remember you are the symbol of the cross.
You are The Son of God.

Now walk the talk.