A bigger sister can live for the younger one
Protect her, guide her, and love her
Give her warmth in her heart and wipe her tears
And that’s being half done because of sisterly love
Sisters are friends and family

A little sister can be vulnerable
Her bigger sister will always be there
A little one is the naughty one
Sometimes pretends not to want kisses
From her bigger half

Fights and conflicts occur
But love covers and conquers all
They cannot stand a day mad at each other
Because the SISTERLY LOVE is great in them

Everyone wishes to have that sister
To share crazy moments with, cry on her shoulder
And get incredible life lessons from
If and only if my mother was extra kind
She’d have left me a younger sister
To love and to care for

I wish I got a sister in my life
To share my fairytales with
And pursue my path for her destination