What a world with too many talents.
With such God given abilities.
You shine with pride because you do not choose people.
All occupations for all people you do have.
I have seen your insights and colours.
What a world await.

I have seen all streets kids and infinite foreigners.
Your flats full of Nigerians with persuading fake-talent.
I have seen those Pakistans over Park Central and Park Station.
They came to South Africa to seek a living.
Selling low qualities to enrich their stomachs.

I have seen the Highpoint crowded day and night.
I wonder if they do have any professions.
Brixton Hillbrow where art thy beauty?
You have turned into a Refugee camp.
From Vannin Court to Park Court.

I have met thousands of foreigners in a glimpse of an eye.
I wonder if there are South Africans the same in their country.
Imagine how many you would meet in Zimbabwe.
Brixton Hillbrow you are a home for the dead.