Watch them climb up the hill of my spine,
Careful yet determined to reach the top
Ego telling them to get there first,
Breathing heavy and baggage dragging
Some stumbled upon the obstacle and returned halfway
I guess this is not for the faint-hearted

Overwhelmed with excitement whilst peeking down
Why so curious, black boy?

Slipped and fell….
(I told you not to fall for me)

As they descend
I see black boys transform into men
Splash into the sea of my heart
Gasping for air,
Eyes sting, burning sensation
My tears are what turned the sea salty

And as they swim to shore
One, two, drown

Like my ancestors that were cast into the sea
Once upon a time by the intruders

This should be a joyous moment
A reunion
A remembrance of the mighty people that live amongst us,
Live within us.

Unfortunately I look into the ocean and tremble with fear
One, lean, dark, handsome man survived,
and he is carrying water to baptise me

Although I know he came only to drown me…