My dispiriting family,
Here’s what I’d like to drop into your ears:
I might be the black sheep
But I’m of no weak feet

Alone, I will stand in the dark,
Sorry to brag, but I am a spark
Darkness is a friend I need to make my mark

You’re unfair, that’s why I left
You’re unfair, that’s why I compare

Others get treated like thrones
I get treated like a rusty chair
That’s why I ran

Today, I am far from you like a star
My life is smooth like a tarred road
My mind is free, no sad load

Do you miss the sound
Of my clacking shoe on your floor?
Oh what am I thinking?
You bought me no shoe

Maybe I was annoying like a
Clucking chicken to you,
One that deserved to roam
Across the world bare foot
Since my grudge against you
Won’t fade,
Let’s meet in hell.