It silences the mind
It is a lullaby to the crying child
It is not wild
But it is mild
It does not make you blind
It gives you light.

It is a lullaby to the sleeping child
It cheers one up
It massages one’s soul
It brings peace where there is none
And drives away hate.

It can heal the sick
It can bring you peace
It can make you forget
All your worries for good
If you listen to the tune.

Listen to its message
It guides the lost
It brightens the dark
And brings back the vanished.

It can wipe dry your tears
And chase all your fears
It is so dear
And has the taste of a pear.

Don’t pause it
Don’t stop it
Just listen to it
Do you get it??
It is a best friend to the lonely
It never leaves you alone
It is there to hold your hand
Just when you need that most.

It has the smell of a rose
The fragrance of a flower
The power to change a life

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