Don’t feel sorry for me,
When you see me,
In this orange suit,
My juice is not sweet like orange,
It is sour like a lemon,

I’m held captive by law,
Justice is what I owe,
Like an owl,
I was active at night,
In the light I was a saint,
In darkness I was a predator,
That sucks blood,

My name was innocent,
Now I’m called a jailbird,
But I cannot fly like a bird,
My deeds are very bad,
I can’t fly like a bird,
I’m sentenced to a jail bed,

Don’t shed tears for me,
When I’m handcuffed like a monster,
locked up in a cage of sorrows,
Outside these prison walls,
I’m not innocent as my name,
But I’m a threat to humans,

There is a mother who is traumatised,
Because her daughter was raped,
and murdered like a beast,
Don’t shed tears for me,
When I’m chained like a dog,

I am the reason she is traumatised,
I took her daughter’s life for no reason,
My hands are red like ink,
That cannot be erased,
My remorse won’t bring her daughter back,
So don’t shed tears for me.