I’m a poet
I am a natural super being,
when it comes to the lyrical words of poetry
I bleed thoughts,
feelings and emotions on the paper that ignites the mind’s inferno
On that we have my world
My swords that combine the future formulate like lines
and control humans to follow mental incline
The last of the dying poetry
we fell feed on the info that media provides
and process anthology to a fine, poetical, rhythm
I’m a poet and I plead
And think how these inferior humans do!
I think to inspire, motivate and elevate how the words
spit the world through its rear view;
Let me explain to the future

The past is our foundation
When you look back, you see
how far you have come,
because you come as far as you can see
As a poet, I look back but imagine forward, so
I’m a poet and so much of a visionary, matured
Discipline critically influences my influence on people
Some say I’m out of my mind, but I never mind.
Metaphorically, that’s the state of my brain,
which is far from fact
Poetic justice implied by the way I flow