Oh! My lonely heart.
Be cool and right,
for beyond sorrow
there is happiness
Be humble
for in due time, you’ll have your perfect match

Don’t despair,
for beyond despair there is always, always hope
For beyond hate
there is love
For beyond loneliness,
there is always accompaniment
Do not lose hope,
my lonely heart!

Do not weep,
my lonely heart,
for life is not only one’s sweet song
Do not cry, my lonely heart,
for you don’t know who falls in love with you
Do not be haughty
Be tolerant,
my lonely heart

Now I see with naked eyes
the bitterness of loneliness
The traveller chose between right and wrong;
endurance, tolerance, hatred and despair

Just like the perfect woman one had planned
to warm, comfort and command,
so be my lonely heart
Be cool, for there is always hope,
my lonely heart!