I am a ball,
I come from a nation that requires hard work,
My nation is for sweaty, strong people with stamina,
My nation is worldwide known,
It is worldwide appreciated,
I’m from Sport.
I am a ball,
I hate it when I am all spongy spongy,
And stored in the garage,
I like it when I am all bouncy bouncy,
Played in the field,
big fancy stadium,
I am played,
small poor grounds,
I am played.
I hate it though when I am played
In poor streets, sometimes I go
Over street fences, and I die,
I am a ball,
I don’t discriminate,
I don’t do favours,
I am a sphere, that means I don’t have sides,
Fair is my first, second and last name
I am a ball,
No, don’t feel sorry for me
I love to be kicked,
Left and right I go,
East, south, north and west,
Every possible direction I go,
It’s funny to see a player confusing
An opponent by dribbling,
Thinking I’m there but I’m here,
I am a ball,
People collide with each other
Trying to win me,
People fall over, trying to win me,
Nations, I join,
Friendship, I create,
Infrastructure, I build
Through my nation, Sport
I am a ball,
I have relatives, friends,
That look like me,
Difference is, they are either
Smaller or bigger than me, or
They are played differently than me,
Some are hit by a bat,
Some are hit by sticks,
Some are hit by hands
Well, I am kicked by feet,

There is this other friend of mine,
Who is totally different to me,
He is oval-shaped,
Played by hands mostly,
Put under armpits when players are running

I am a ball,
Thousands come to stadiums
Not to see players only, but
Me kissing the net, me crossing the poles
I see eager, joy, happiness and hope
Some cry,
Which I don’t like to see,
Some clap and scream
Which is a nice sight to see,
I am a ball.