How will I remember you in years to come?
How can I forget the scenic route that
Lured me further and further out,
Towards a charm unknown to me.

Perhaps it is the beauty of the eDumbe mountains
That I will remember the most.
Like royalty you looked down on us, your subjects,
As the forest draped over your curves.
Green. Peaceful. Refreshing.

As I search for the words that will do justice to your beauty,
I think of the rolling hills, not far from here,
covered by golden grass swaying to an ancient song no one can hear.
As I stare at the curtain that dances
with the gentle breeze, time seems to stand still.

Perhaps what I will remember the most is the way you made me feel.
The gentle raindrops that reminded me of the duty that we have to be more responsible.
How can I forget the fresh air that filled my lungs that wet October morning,
the same way oxygen fills a newborn baby.
Yes, it is the way you made me feel that I will remember the most.