An initially normal day it was
birds singing and chirping
Sun rising
life basically continuing
until she looked in my direction
my heart beat faster
and pulse was racing, like an emulsion
the acidity seemed to increase

I couldn’t move my eyes
they were locked on you
but unbeknownst to you darling
you had done but a thing to me yet

I was blown away
completely mesmerized by your radiance
it was the first time that I saw her
I was only a month here
but here an angel was
had heavens opened up for me?

Still I asked
stagnant I stood
In awe of God’s artistry
I glanced at her for what
Felt like a lifetime
until the cashier said “next”

I awakened from my dream, it got axed
but couldn’t shake off the feeling
I just felt heaven on earth, the best
angels were roaming the streets

The air was holy and I was in cloud cuckoo land
cheesy but I’d just got blessed
with the most beautiful smile humanely visual
although I never saw it again
it remains an unforgettable one
though nothing I was meant to gain
I maintain it was the most beautiful smile ever
seen by human eyes

A vision considered a dream to human eye
She could be a testament to God’s greatness
In fact she is one
I saw an angel in broad daylight
I got to marvel at your might
much to my heart’s delight