An Opportunity is a chance for a man to survive
For a man to place his fate in the hands of the earth
To see how one can make it in one’s life to live
How one can push to get a chance to be somebody
An opportunity to see life the way we were created
A girl can give you a chance to be loved again
But a man can be blind to receive that opportunity.

Others use an opportunity in the form of cash
Others use an opportunity to use others to get rich
The Lord gave us an opportunity to live on earth
An opportunity to praise HIM in HIS mercy
And opportunities to see right from wrong.

Life is an opportunity itself
For one has to be thankful for it
See an opportunity it’s something that you only get once
Once as you see your challenges overpower yourself
As God is the only way to life itself
An opportunity for life it’s the only gift on its own.

Once you get that opportunity be grateful for it
For you will never get another one as it was from before
So give thanks to every chance you get to survive
For there is no other opportunity that will be granted to you.