Alone in my head
I’m feeling so low
You won’t understand
No one can know

My eyes are tired
I can’t sleep at night
Your face haunts my dream
When I turn of the light

It happened so suddenly
It happened so fast I knew
All at once that none of this
Will last. Was I just a game?

Was this all for fun?
Did my feelings matter
to anyone? “This didn’t
Mean anything” that’s

What you said as I was
Shamefully getting up my bed
I held my head high
As I walked by your side

Tears welling up I was
Dying inside weeks have
Passed keeping secrets
Telling lies I don’t have
Strength to look either
Of them in the eye

My heart has been broken
Not once but twice
Once by my friend
Once by the love of
My life

Deep down inside I know
It’s my fault so I’m going
To lock it in my vault
Sometimes I still think of you
When I’m lying in my bed
Still alone
Inside my head