Love screaming out with expression
When I imagine us together my heart pumps with pride and impression
Feelings expressed out with intention
The thought of heart break fills the heart with tension
My thoughts convince me to give you attention
My feelings forbid me to give you detention
Love held under my breath exhaled like an action
Love in the story book expressed in the first section
Love nominated first in the election
I guess you became the first lovely selection
You were made to be loved by me before any reflected reflection
You are perfect specified as the lover of perfection
The words ‘I love you’ coming from you to me come as a cure through painless injection

Love led loveless life to leave the lightless lit life
I know it doesn’t make sense
As how I started loving you gave me a different human sense
No one can touch the love that I have for you ’cause it is untouchable like a choking fence
My love for you is in one place stated as the heart’s residence
I just need you, I guess that’s my dependence
I need your shoulder to cry on that’s your independence
I can sing out the words ‘I love you’ many times till my voice runs out of energy
Being unwanted by you, that’s my allergy
I love you…