Allow me to reveal myself.
Let me be heard
Let me be given the opportunity to say who I really am.
Let me express myself.
For my words are better in writing.
For I hold the pen better than I twist my tongue.
For I belong when I write

Allow me to unleash my potential.
Let justice be done in my life.
Stop me no more for I want to flow.
Let me be the ruler of my own life…
Through pen and paper I become alive.
Through them I tell a story…A story only I understand

Allow my wings to spread.
For they keep me going
They give me hope when there seems to be none.
Every word means something
My heart opened I let it ache
For it allows me to write wholeheartedly

Allow me to conquer the world.
To defeat my possessions, my fears in black and white.
For the colours resemble my depressing lonely life.
I write with tears in my eyes
Thus allowing them to roll down my face and hit the paper

Well allow me