I wonder about it
I have doubts about it
Will I see them in the after life
Will I find peace in the after life
A part of me believes there’s more
In death that is, it being the final stage
Could it be that happiness exists beyond
Could it be that happiness is truly everlasting
In a place called heaven
I don’t mean to have half of faith
But I’m only human and
in my human form it’s hard to think
About how we could all truly be free after
We’ve lived in an unfree world where
Your little piece of freedom gets taken
Away from you
Even though it’s supposed to be your given right
Could there be light at the end of the tunnel
Will they let me pass so I can
Reach the light
So I can have forever life
Filled with laughter that doesn’t alter
Because then maybe there’s a reward
after we’re done living a life that’s hard to live
Everything we’ve had to see
that wasn’t good for our eyes
Everything we’ve had to hear
that wasn’t good for our ears
I can say it’d be worth it in the end
because after life comes the real life