Africa I call but Africa doesn’t reply
I look to the North, the East, the South and the West

But Africa has been destroyed.
Oh, what has happened to our motherland?
Have we really been robbed of our land?
We can’t even walk freely on our fertile sand.
Propaganda taking its course.
Are we really going to sell our land for peanuts?
Continent suffering for other continents.
Enslaved in our home by slave masters.

Oh Africa, where are you?
The days of being true to ourselves are long gone.
So called “Supreme Being” over ancestors.
Atheistic not, just the value of tradition.

A lost nation consisting of disrespect and hatred of one another.
He is no longer a brother from another mother.
Suffering of women and children caused by men who kill and abuse them.
Real men died during the apartheid times.
Freedom fought for nothing but these disastrous crimes.

Oh Africa, souls have been ripped apart.
Straight up, they have been cut.
How do we pride ourselves in a land of forgotten tribes?
This is indeed a land of broken pipes.
Africa is dead.