Participants in FunDza’s third Write4Life Creative Writing Workshop held with SCORE learners at Mbekweni, Paarl, each wrote a “bio-poem” to introduce themselves to the rest of group. (A biography is an account of someone’s life.)

You can try this too! The format for the poem is laid out below. Just add in words that describe the type of person you are to make it into your own bio-poem.

I am (first name only)
(four adjectives that describe you)
Who loves (three people or things)
Who feels (two things)
Who needs (two things)
Who fears (three things)

I am (first name only)
Who would like to see (two things)
I hear (three things)
I see (three things)
I want (three things)

I am (first name only)
I am (first and last name)


Zihle Lusani
Wellington High School, Grade 10

I am Zihle
Talkative, crazy, beautiful.
Who loves my mother, friends, community
Who feels happy, beautiful
Who needs guidance
Who fears snakes, spiders, tortoises

I am Zihle
Who would like to see the rest of the world
I hear different kind of noises
I see chocolates, papers, people
I want eternal happiness

I am Zihle
I am Zihle Lusani


Cwenga Metu
Wellington High School, Grade 10

I am Cwenga
Talkative, hyper, loving and ecofriendly
Who loves God, friends and family
Who feels happy, overjoyed
Who needs encouragement
Who fears sorrows and death

I am Cwenga
Who would like to see heaven, Paris
I hear the tweets of birds, the cars hooting, children’s noises
I see sunshine, green trees, birds.
I want a cellphone, bicycie, sneakers.

I am Cwenga
I am Cwenga Metu


Sisipho Fololo
Wellington High School

I am Sisipho
Loving, kind, self-disciplined, special.
Who loves dancing, laughing, having a good time.
Who feels special and loved.
Who needs security.
Who fears being alone, the dark.

I am Sisipho
Who would like to see a change in the world, the Eiffel Tower in Paris
I hear birds singing, babies crying, mother praying every night.
I see people hurt, families fighting, friends turning into enemies.
I want love, joy and peace.

I am Sisipho
I am Sisipho Fololo


Zandile Mpeluza
Wellington High School, Grade 10

I am Zandile
Caring, shy, loving and stubborn
Who loves people, sport, dancing
Who feels happy, loved
Who needs to be loved, protected
Who fears dark, harmful animals, cruel people

I am Zandile
Who would like to see myself in a good living standard
I hear music, crying babies, barking dogs.
I see chocolate, beautiful flowers
I want success, joy.

I am Zandile
I am Zandile Mpeluza


Pamella Mboso
Desmond Mpilo Tutu SSS, Grade 9

I am Pamella
Shy, short-tempered, active and black
Who loves sports, my parents, friends.
Who feels happy and sad.
Who needs big shelter, a car.
Who fears snakes, tokoloshe and cats

I am Pamella
Who would like to see Benny McCarthy, Happy Jele
I hear music, kids shouting, news on the radio.
I see children, hurt people, happy people.
I was ambulance, hospitals and shelters.

I am Pamella
I am Pamella Mboso


Sihle Phika
Desmond Mpilo Tutu SSS, Grade 9

I am Sihle
Happy, talkative, confident, honest
Who loves to laugh, read and play
Who feels welcomed and cared for.
Who needs a bright future and support.
Who fears failure and regrets and being rejected

I am Sihle
Who would like to see herself in university and successful
I hear little kids rejoicing
I see my area developing, people loving each other, and flowers.
I want a change in life.

I am Sihle
I am Sihle Phika


Sibusiso Justin Zweni
Desmond Mpilo Tutu SSS, Grade 12

I am Justin
Happy, friendly, caring and shy
Who loves to play, friends and family
Who feels love for my family, love for my friends
Who needs care
Who feels embarrassed, badly treated

I am Justin
Who would like to see friendly people
I hear nice voices, children shouting
I see beautiful people, nice people
I want recognition

I am Justin
I am Justin Zweni


Siphokazi Silandela
Desmond Mpilo Tutu SSS, Grade 9

I am Siphokazi
Talkative, organised, caring and kind
Who loves my mother and father, my friends
Who feels love for herself
Who needs love and support
Who fears cats and dogs

I am Siphokazi
Who would like to see a successful person
I hear the noises of children
I see a beautiful world
I want to change this world

I am Siphokazi
I am Siphokazi Silandela