Africa my continent
Why so dying slowly?
What infection do you have,
It procrastinates to kill.
Though Africa why not live one more time?

You started in South Africa,
with the blood shedding and discrimination democracy era 1994.
As I thought you were recovering,
There arose a contradictive e-toll and Nkandla,
and an unintentional earthquake.
Africa please don’t die on me.

In West Africa you levelled the ground.
With a killer disease Ebola.
Oh Ebola Debora,
Why do you punish us?
Is it when they say the world is ending?
Ebola Debora, is AIDS your twin brother?
Because you share almost identical qualities.

In North Africa,
You have turned them into some rootless weeds.
Poverty is their wealth.
Though what have we done?
Africa my continent do not die.

In East Africa you divide,
Blood is shed and split everyday.
You let blood be their water to quench thirst.
A corpse to them like a mascot.
In Lybia arose segregation,
Conflicts about a throne unknown.

Africa please!
Don’t die on me…
I am still young.
I need you to father my young.
Don’t leave me with your burdens.
Rather take me with you.
Africa my king, you have turned into a strange to me.