I called your phone
But you didn’t pick up
I had sent you messages
But I thought you were stuck

Little did I know what you were going through
Little did I know that you had already left us so soon

We met at the Athlone bus terminus each morning
On our way to Bontas
With Ja Rule rapping wild
And Shebaan egging him mal
We all had so much fun and laughter my dear pal
Fieka always adds her part
No smoking in the taxi
It’s not good my child
They have to listen
As we are from the former generation

Brenda, you left us too soon
I still had a text from you
Before you left the room
It’s so hard to say goodbye
And pretty soon
I faced the hardest task
To wave you goodbye
God put you on our path for a reason
Even though it was for a short season
He knew what you were going through
And maybe you just needed some folks to chat to

Rest in peace my dear friend
Our taxi rides won’t be the same again
As we are one less
And it leaves sorrow in our chests
But we will carry the torch on
Until it’s our time to move on
Adieu my friend
Adieu my friend
Until we meet again
Bye Bye from the Bonteheuwel Taxi Group