Someday-one day-any day- all day
When will those days
That one in particular
Come to surface like the rise of my feelings
In a battle to regain control like a beetle
In free fall
These feelings are not mine to control
However they are mine to absorb
Confront and take them in
Mine to ignore when they beg for attention
Willingly? No! Here I do not hold a choice
Wittingly in search of a chance
To step outside my skin
Before I commit sin against my flesh
This place looks not familiar

These cannot be my thoughts
They haunt me too much to have been
Conceived in my very own skull
With such precision
To whom do they belong??
She told me
With a smile on a face that she did not feel
The way that I felt
And like a man I took it on the chin
And closed the file on my head
Kept it in a safe box labelled never to be opened
And I tossed the key where my thoughts would
Have no access with restricted access
Under lock and key

I was bare minded of naked thought
Bare in mind you found me solid
As the rock of commandments
And just like that you commanded
And they obeyed

I find myself battling to regain control
Unable to keep myself together
My thought process unbalanced
For this place I find myself in today
Is not of my creation
Disturbs the balance of my being
And without you to put them back in place
I wonder
Like a lost puppy