My addiction I fed and to care I never learnt
All I ever learnt was how to pull strings
That will help me to do the things,
That will help me feed my addiction.
Out of control I spun
On toes of parents I stepped,
To I advices deaf I turned
Because myself I never knew
All I knew was a high me and that was never me
Crying were my parents
Siblings and the society bled
Who cared? I didn’t
All I wanted was to feed my addiction
Reality to me was never real
Because the real me I never knew
One day every stone I turned
The mattress upside down
And the house a gong sound it made
Because everything in it I sold
The high me was left hungry
Addiction never fed
Down I laid
Because the chairs and couches to feed my addiction I sold
Lonely I felt and came to realise that
I was at my mother’s funeral and was not aware
Siblings also passed on
My dad remarried
And on top of everything else, nobody wanted me.
At that point reality became real
As I took a look into my bag of history
To realise it was the high me that destroyed my family
And that no matter how much I may regret it
I can never change it.
What I’m actually saying is
Refrain from drug use because it does nobody any good