Like yesterday it feels when He was stripped naked,
Mercilessly beaten and mocked without complaint.
When Him who was was hanging on the cross
With blood oozing out of His ripped flesh and pierced body
When those that loved Him couldn’t take it and yet couldn’t stop it.
It feels like yesterday when those that loved Him couldn’t take it and yet couldn’t stop it
When soldiers for joy and mockery shouted “crucify Him”
Gazing at His bleeding body and ripped flesh laughing like its show comic
When for the mission fulfilment the cup of suffering couldn’t pass Him by.
The all sufficient sacrifice.
The only one who qualified to be the saviour
The lamb without spot or wrinkle
The only one who was, is and will be forever.
Like yesterday it feels when a thorny crown was placed on His head for mockery
Yet blood oozing out to the ground redeemed it.
Every scream of agony was sweet to Him who allowed it
But a thorn in the flesh of witnesses who loved Him.
It just feels like yesterday when the heavens cried for Him
When the veil was torn into pieces
When death had no hold on Him
When the sepulchre couldn’t contain Him
When He arose glorious to redeem that which was lost.
When He took His blood to the Holy place to restore intimacy between man and God.
I could go on and on and on
But everything feels like yesterday when it really is thousands or years of memory.
He is risen