Hurt and bleeding from the inside
Trapped in darkness fading slowly from the light
With your face marked with evidence
Of your suffering that you try to hide
Because you fear that if you speak
You might suffer another attack tonight

Even when he persist in treating you wrong,
You confess lies that he is treating you right.
You defend him with tears pouring out of your eyes
And tears never told lies
They expose lies and they tell the truth
That is refused to be spoken
They expose suffering that is unseen
And the agony of a heart that is being broken

And yet still you choose to suffer in silence
Hoping for a miracle to come and put an end
To all this unbearable violence
Day and night you weep
As he continues to strike and mark your flesh
With wounds that run deep

You wear make-up to hide your pain
But the attempt always ends in vain
We see your suffering even when you
Refuse to admit that it is there
Your wounded eyes and cut lip and broken nose
Have made us aware
That you are not in peace and not treated well

Your home is a slavery house, a prison cell
Where you are accused of infidelity and
Struck down even when you are well behaved
Slavery was abolished a long time ago
But you are still enslaved
It may be against your will,
But we can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to be saved
Take action, help always comes to those who first seek it.