I had a dream
An angel came to me
She held up a mirror
Told me to look and see
I saw someone who wasn’t me.
Lying on the floor, I don’t know who I am anymore.
A battered, broken, torn person, I saw.

Who was she? Looking right at me.
Shocked, I cried, my soul died.
A million times, He promised that each time was the last.
That promise ended fast.
As soon as his fists started to itch
His body and mind intoxicated.

My face invaded with imprints of his anger
Then the Angel said, “Oh my dear.
I know your fear. I’ve seen every tear.
He raised his hands, a million times.
All the while, your soul cried, your will died.
With every strike you lost a piece of yourself.

Do you remember that beautiful girl full of life?
Her face so pure and innocent.
Her smile, so beautiful and bright.
I’ve watched you grow. Your situation, I know.
Take my hand, my child.
To a better place we go.”

The hand of light, I grasped.
In the mirror, I looked back.
I saw…
My face so pure and innocent
And my smile so bright
I looked back in the mirror and saw, the beautiful girl I was before.