Oh! This train so superb
So still of lots dreams
Many of which we all absorb
The state full of huge worries
A state to get in unwillingly.

To one corner a man wanders
The other cage women cry
Unaltered yells of all creatures
Getting tears that never dry
Broken hearts dying slowly.

Love is never got back
Faith kills than it heals
Trust hidden with no luck
Rude scenes and wrong wills
Fidelity is a sin, reality is silly.

Insane suns, wild winds
Dead moons to a crunker
Hope lost in frost moods
Oh! This site so wander
With wheels pumped roughly.
A man and loneliness beloved
Chance and curse so betwixt
Life is a hole snakes reside
Denials to all a broken heart
Rules and conducts set faintly.

World a stage man an actor
Love is a myth without a source
Driven engage a differed dreamer
This unwanted puzzle missing a piece
That people get in unwillingly.

The site is intelligent clean mad
A carnivore sheep of the midnight
Clayed eyes legs made in mud
Looks splendid undoubtedly.