Dear God
I know this is odd
A written letter to the Lord

I am standing accused with the crime of some sort
In my hand I hold my lover’s heart and a bloody sword
I agree to the murder of our love with the highest degree
I am a cheater in your sight
I am bitter from the heart

I always have faith in you to carry me through the fight
I came to you with nothing to hide
I ask of you a second chance to do right
Bring back to me the love of my life as I can’t sleep through the night

And take away everything and spare us the light
I sinned and hurt the woman i proudly call my wife
The pain cuts through her heart like a butcher’s knife
The pain that stuck in my heart is sentence enough.

God of righteousness
I bring my faults to you
I bring my weakness to you
I ask for forgiveness of you
I know nothing about nothing

I am only human without her I’m nothing
I grovel on my knees
I am not proud to count her as one of my needs
Now that I am at the end of this paper
I boldly write her name around my copper
Trudy Trudy Trudy all over
Yours, sorry cheater.