He breaths
Walks like us
Lives like us
But he is not a human

He is not an animal
What he does defines him as alien
Today he is called “Serial rapist”
Next day he is called “Murderer”
Next month he is called “Prisoner”

Whatever we call him changes
His behaviour defines him
It says a lot about who he is
What he did was inhumane
nor animal would do that

What happened?
We had questions
Answers not to be found
Blood is all we could see
Knives, guns and blood was all we could see
Questions were never answered
Even if they were answered they would be “inhumane”.

We cry
We scream. We condemn.
Life goes on
We hear the word, “bail”
We hear the word, “parole”
We realise, we don’t have choice
But to be careful …