A heart rotten as a potato, everyone rejects it.
Cotton tubing the heart, blood no longer runs a dry Nile.
Logs for a bearer, none will barge to care for it.
Prayers go unanswered, dreams lose life, and faith goes dry.

A human desert inside a human body no life sign
Dreams die as the early morning dews,
direction now becomes a want.
I go down on my knees in tears to salvage
what remains of dream, it springs out
why does it seems that your future collides with destiny?

I look inside my heart and I curse the day I was born
Yet the future judges me and past is the evidence holder
Pain floods the dry Nile the is no glimpse of hope
But a picture of a shallow grave
Let I find new love but that would be lying

How one does love with a rotten heart?
scavengers creeping out like termites.
Tears runs dry only dust surface
I call on the gods but no answer
Made a creature by mistake .

My eyes react, my heart was infected
thousands were rejected and you chosen
I can close my eyes to the things I don’t
want to see but I cannot close the heart to
the things I don’t wanna feel

I wrote this in tears, the heart torn apart,
life for me senseless ,the surroundings
depreciated my hands, words were rotten
food ,even despised by dogs, I would ask
myself why me? There were no answers
A rotten heart decomposed before the shallow grave