The sensation of drowning…
Fire slowly smothering
The oxygen in my body,
My lungs gasping,
Grasping at straws
Trying to keep me alive

My skin itching,
The soul seeking
An escape route.
My heart raging
Fighting, fighting, fighting
To break through the cage
Made from my bones.
A wild animal,
With logic so minimal.

Blood in my veins
Thicker than hold water.
Instead of renewing my life,
It only adds to my pain.
If only it would freeze,
Maybe breathing would be a breeze.

Tears that flood my eyes
Fail to wash away the remnants of the past
That linger in my heart.
They blur my vision of reality
While failing to sanctify my polluted mind.
Peace I seek to find.

Maybe if I ran like time,
Maybe if I became one with motion
And the wind
And ran like my skeletons
Have escaped from the closet,
I’d be able to forget
My mortal yearnings and problems.
Peace I’d find.