Go, conquer and prosper,
You are the driver of your own life,
You are the future of your family.
The destroyer of poverty in your family.
Star that brightens the future of your family.

The process starts now,
Your decision makes the difference.
Don’t give up no matter what,
Just push until you reach where you want to be.
Life is good just change the view from which you see it.

Sometimes trying new things doesn’t hurt.
Don’t think about what “they” will say,
Think about how it will benefit you.
Thinking of “them” may lead you to confusion.
Don’t make decisions when you are angry,
Or happy, so you won’t live life with regrets.

Your decision must not be selfish,
Your decision must benefit you and others.
Imprint yourself, live life to the fullest.
Be the hero of your family, be the hero of your life.
You once let yourself down, then promise never to.
Fall and stand up, dust yourself while going forward.
Let your fall be your eye-opener.
Enjoy life!