A love too hard to say
How could I give it a tongue
A bit just to recite the story
I must avow you this finite night
Because soon the eyes will go out of glory

The second you are closed to me,
my bosom, my torso or my ego
looms in the planet of your body
And looking into your optics
I see beauty not disguise

perhaps, I could give you a tongue
yes, I must affirm this without doubts
That just a glance at your torso,
my blood lusts in their veins
fiery to take you in my dreams

Oh a love too hard to say
Should I give you a tongue today
To tell you how much your love glows
In my veins too hot
Like thunder and lightning in the sky

Yes, I must affirm this altogether
Maybe or just perhaps
We can begin some time now
And not to order sometimes later,
So that I won’t go out of glory

And if love could be a miser
or if love could be monetary
for you then I could
but that is not of my likes
because my throat welcomes only water

And if love was itchy
to take away my peace
or to print it with slurs
then it could
because this desire is of ages too long

But today,
In a second or so
I am going to let my heart be my dial
so I can render to say
I love you, and I love you.