When water from the sky is falling down,
And water in your eyes running slowly,
Sunlight burning the other sides calmly,
Heat waves burning your heart randomly.

Your feet embody weakness,
Flight and fight hormones are invisible,
Storms are breaking your glass,
Your hair twisting like hungry intestines.

You feel no light,
You sense no right,
Pain roars all night,
Patience dies in the bright.

You miss good mornings,
Your days lasting longer than normal hours.
Life moves at rush gear,
Objects in rear appearing not near.

The beauty of life goes into ashes,
Eyes picture the worst shots,
Ears detect no sound,
Life is nothing but a movement.

Your heart makes it hard
For blood to move,
Lungs cause trouble for gases,
Pressures remind you of the burdens.

Life is nothing but a race,
Those that left before you are in the same lane,
Oxygen loses the clue
And there is nothing to glue.

Mind and heart fight for one goal,
When water from sky erodes all your best souls,
Remember and recall seasons,
Summer and winter are not unique!