All My Life I Grew Up Not Knowing
Who My Father Was!
I Remember One Thing
That I Was About 11 Years Old When My
Father Died And I Saw Him For The 1st Time In A Coffin!

I Was Sad When I Was Told That The Man Lying In The Coffin
Was My Father,
I Cried And Cried.
To Me, Father’s Day Never Existed
I Never Got To Know The Comfort And Love Of A Father.

How Much I Yearn For My Father’s Love
Life Without Him Is Full Of Pain
Life Without A Father Is Full Of Tears And Dreams That
Can Never Be Fulfilled
My Heart Has A Void
A Space That Can’t Be Filled By Anyone

I Sometimes Wonder What Life Would Have Been Like
If Only I Had The Chance To Tell My Father How
Much I Love Him.
For Him To See Me Prosper.
Life Without A Father Is Painful