Dear son,
I am sorry to leave you,
I didn’t mean to leave you,
But I had to leave you,
After all the conflicts,
I didn’t see the importance
Of how grateful is to have you,

The wall between us had been built
Since you were conceived,
You’re my biggest sin,
Every time I look at you,
I remember the bad memories of us behind you,
I wished and still wish that,
If we could rejoice our relationship,
But time denied
To me you were a gift,
To them you were my beautiful sin,
I never meant to abandon you,
I tried to be there,
Though my support wasn’t enough

I wish you get this letter,
And know that whenever, wherever
And however the circumstances,
You will always be in my mind
I will be there when you need me,
I think of you every single day,

Daddy loves you
From your heartbroken dad