From the glowing face of my principal,
I saw a beautiful happy face,
I saw a responsible man,
I saw a man of integrity,
I saw the shining star to my dark world,
I saw my future in his palms,
Ooops! That was just a perplexed imagination.

From the glowing face of my principal,
Lays jealousy and black heart,
Hatred and misfortune,
Black cloud upon my summer-shine,
I saw a vicious snake,
My future clenched by his fists,
A lead covering my lane,

From the glowing face of my principal,
I saw a betrayer,
The faker, the pretender,
I saw a man of no characteristics
Thus he preaches the word of God,
His manners were they determined by Him?
I saw a heartless father,
Turning school into sex,

From him I learned that:
A professor never wished an armature to follow his steps,
From him I saw:
A beautiful sinner who knows the characteristics of each situation,
I saw his school becoming a journey to the dark,
I saw the future of ours doomed by the morning mist,
I couldn’t distinguish between a learner and a teacher,
Educational property destroyed chunk by chunk,
I saw a destructed school,
From then I saw no school at all.
Was he a principal indeed?
Yet he pleased God