Some believe that we live to impress
I say we live to express
Live for others, meet their needs and forget about your own

A great lady
A great lady?
Yes, I am

The one who brings light in darkness
The one who lives for others
The rock that will forever stand
The bird that travels just to explore

A great lady?

Yes, that’s me
The one who fulfils her promises
The one who takes care of others
The one who hides her pain

I am a great lady, yes I am
The one who strives for peace
The one who pretends to be strong for others
The one who wants to change the world

A great lady?

Yes here I am, I am a great lady
The one who believes in peace
The one who believes in bonds and relationships
The one who puts blood aside and stands up for others

I am a great lady
The one who has soft hair
That’s a great lady, that’s me

I am a great lady.